Online Services



Map of Parcels and Addresses - Click on this link to view a map of Webster County showing parcel and address data.  This data includes land ownership, parcel boundaries, deed and acreage information.  Users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the maps and data before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves monetary or operational consequences.  Conclusions drawn from, or actions undertaken, on the basis of such maps and data, are the sole responbility of the user.

Online Inqury for Deeds, Land Records, and other information - This search engine will return Deeds and other information of record in Webster County.  Access to Land Records is subscription based or PAY PER document. 

Real Property Tax / Land Roll / Property Record Card Information Inquiry - Click on this link to view Real Property tax information.

Land Redemption Inquiry - Click on this link to view Land Redemption / Delinquent Tax information.

Mobile Home Tax Data Inquiry - Click on this link to view Mobile Home tax data.

Personal Property Inquiry - Click on this link to view Personal Property tax data for businesses.

PAY Delinquent Taxes Online - Click on this link to pay Delinquent Real Property taxes. 


Employment Application - Click on this link to download an employment application for the County.


Click here to pay your Justice Court ticket online.